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5 Tips on How Not to Fuck it Up with a Girl in the First Ten Minutes!

If you are like me at some point (maybe now) you have had your eye on a hot lady and you totally fucked it up when you went up to her! Maybe you choked? Maybe it was timing? All you know is that hot lady you wanted to ask out was definitely not interested after you talked to her. So how can you avoid those mistakes?! Well I put together 5 tips I’ve learned being around all the ladies here at the crew.

Tip #5: Stop with the Cheesy Pick Up Lines!

Seriously how many times has a lady heard “Did you fall from heaven because your an angel?” I mean if you use that your delivery better be on pointe like Don Juan. Chances are though it’s not so stay away from it! A lot of the girls tell me they hate it and just wish guys would be themselves.

Tip #4: Read the Body Language!

Ohhh for guys this is so hard! We just don’t get it sometimes do we! We live in such a literal as men don’t we? Learn to start reading body language. If she is closed off or really into her girl friends and not looking around the room then now may not be the time to talk to her. If she is open. Having fun and looking around the room then now maybe a good time. Though, there is always exceptions, so if you thought you had the signs right and it didn’t work out don’t beat yourself up. Keep trying.

Tip #3: If she has a husband or boyfriend stay away!

This is douchebag 101 and no one likes it. Chances are you will be immediately shut down by her or the guy. If you do succeed then karma will be a bitch to you and her.

Tip #2: Be Yourself!

If you don’t have money then don’t roll up acting like you are rich. Yes, I get it, some girls want a guy with money. Especially if you are an older guy and want a younger girl. It feels like the only way they will look at you. Still, be yourself and own who you are. The right girl will respond. The wrong girl won’t respond. Take it as that!

Tip#1: Be Confident!

If you are a younger guy this can be so hard sometime! Confidence seems to come with experience for a lot of us. It did for me. After dating a few times and having a little success it started to come but before that it’s hard. Guy’s don’t have the long list of “friends in waiting” to choose from after a relationship ends. While most girls have at least 20 guys on speed dial waiting for them to call and go out with them. It’s hard but honestly you got to just stop giving a shit. Find happiness in who you are and focus on your self worth. Your are getting in your own way. Once you like who you are and have confidence then so will the ladies. Sucks but it’s the truth. A lot of the time it happens with age which is why some girls are attracted to older guys.

Hope this helps! For more guy vs girl check out our podcast Man VS Model!

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