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More so now days it’s seems like being just a regular guy is almost looked down upon. Masculinity is almost like a bad word and in some groups it is. Stereotypically masculinity is defined as someone macho or muscular or drives a lifted truck lol. Nothing is wrong with going to the gym and if a lifted truck is your thing then do your thing man. In a day in age where everyone is fighting to remove stereotypes it kind of feels like they are all just getting worse. Most of all the haters are going to hate!

I asked a female friend recently about her thoughts on masculinity and what it meant to her. I felt like more so than ever just being a regular heterosexual man was being portrayed as a bad thing? My friend acknowledged the typical stereotypes of masculinity that I mentioned but for her it meant something else. To her masculinity meant a man who took care of his woman and his family. A guy who took an extra shift at work so that his kids could have that special toy for Christmas. The guy who stood up for his friend when no one else would. Who helped people. Who was apart of his kids life. To her a masculine man was the best parts of being a man. It didn’t mean he had to be buff or cocky. In fact most woman say there is a line between confident and cocky. Cocky is on the wrong side of that line.

In a day and age where the media and just the haters are painting some of us regular guys as something negative I found it very inspiring to hear what a typical heterosexual woman thought. To the ladies out there like that, thank you! To the guys out there it doesn’t mean just going to the gym and having money. Masculinity means being a good man. A lot of woman still love that!

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