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Hi everyone! I am so happy that we have finally launched the first piece of our multi-platform project. The website is so important to what we believe will be an amazing place where we can not only showcase our gorgeous Chaos Girls, but also help give them a voice so they aren't just another beautiful face with a sexy body. Our vision for The Chaotic Crew was not only to bring you the sexiest models, but to also give them a chance to be heard and for their fans (new and old alike) to be able to get to know them beyond their outer beauty.

As a model, I have been blessed with many amazing opportunities and have worked very hard to succeed in such a competitive industry. I have been published 30+ times, and when I first started modeling 4 years ago, that was something that I didn't even think was possible. I was just excited to finally be in a magazine, it didn't bother me when I wasn't asked for an interview to accompany my photo spreads. When the first magazine finally asked me for an interview, I was confused because I didn't know they cared what I had to say. Sadly, I was so used to being "objectified" as a model (as many others will tell you, they can feel the same way from time to time) that it didn't dawn on me that maybe people wanted to get to know ME on the inside as well.

Flash forward to now, and I am so proud to say that I am a part of something that helps the models not only be seen, but heard as well. Here at The Chaotic Crew, we also bring you funny shows, podcasts, and entertaining articles. Between our Magazine & Website, we have enough content to keep you occupied for hours (if you so choose to binge on us). Don't worry; we won't judge!

Thanks for reading and welcome to The Chaotic Crew!



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